Les "LONESTAR" dancers 
1+1 /I https://youtu.be/soGgYQtfhUY 1+1 SIAT
1-2 SNAP/I https://youtu.be/Z0gY-hs8yuo SNAP  de Rosa Linn
1-2-3-4 https://youtu.be/rd9cL_wbsz4 1,2,3 Ann Tayler
1-2-3-SUMMERTIME https://youtu.be/JoLGJifqO4I Uno, dos, tres El Simbolo
16 BARS https://youtu.be/cJQtwmtSNOY 16 Bars Connor Christian & Southern Gothic
1929 https://youtu.be/T3kk-YQwvVE 1929 Tara Oram
1976 https://youtu.be/ZDW5LEO9N0c 1976 Alan Jackson
2 STEPPING AWAY https://youtu.be/Z8rG-1pVN4o GET Away Whit It Teddy Robb
57 CHEVROLET https://youtu.be/LIA9yN72AUY 57 Chevrolet Billie Jo Spears
6 DAYS OF THE ROAD https://youtu.be/HtRK-N1p3y4 6 Days On The Road Sawyer Brown
9 TO 5 https://youtu.be/ZGE3WmbRSyc 9 to 5 Dolly Parton
 A DEVIL IN DISGUISE https://youtu.be/wmijpZpyZU4
« Devil In Disguise » Trischa Yearwood
A DOUBLE WHISKEY https://youtu.be/Ug0OaCykajo That Was The Whiskey Antigone Rising
A DREAM FOR LIVE    https://youtu.be/ZP0d6OdSCcw Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Luke Bryan
A HORSE WITH NO NAME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nq6bJpqg-U Idem America
A LOT LIKE THAT https://youtu.be/1AYp2OiEbRA Ain’t Love Alot Like That Georges Jones
A LOVE WORTH WAITING https://youtu.be/qbJ5UViOUmw A love worth waiting Bouke
A PIECE OF THE PIE https://youtu.be/CK1uvlrK0jU Designed Drinke Alan Jackson & Georges Strait
A WOMAN IS TROUBLE https://youtu.be/WhQ9hMmH2Ic Trouble Is A Woman Julie Reeves
ABOUT FEELINGS https://youtu.be/tzbdcYzGMvU Mixed Drink About Feelings Eric Church
ACHY BREAKY HEART https://youtu.be/vhRraS-Wajs Achy breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus
ACT NATURALLY https://youtu.be/zHm5JdyyfbQ Act Naturally Ann Tayler
ACTION  https://youtu.be/peoA3f9Entg
A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action Toby Keith
ADALAIDA /N https://youtu.be/hMDZlv1W6rg  Adalaida Derek Ryan
ADDICTED TO LOVE https://youtu.be/8X0_YA_KGp0  Addicted to love Kimber Clayton
AFIRE WITH DESIRE -D https://youtu.be/297RA6KXVAc « Such A Night » Clift Richard
AINT GOIN DOWN https://youtu.be/pcDnUytUt_A Ain’t Going Down Garth Brooks
ALABAMA BOY https://youtu.be/_vK5JU9Ja0Y Alabama Boy Kacey Smith
ALABAMA SLAMMIN https://youtu.be/nJfgIht33lE If you Want My Love Laura Bell Bundy
ALICE https://youtu.be/Zw0LiMpi7Nw Living Next Door To Alice Smookie
ALL GOD's CHILDREN https://youtu.be/a80j0mM4Avw
Traveling Shoes Robert Mizzel
ALL HAEVEN ALLOWS https://youtu.be/RujUagCquvM All That Haven Will Allow The Mavericks
ALL I NEED (NEED YOU NOW) https://youtu.be/k0XwSdy1vhg Need you now Lady Antebellum
ALL OVER AGAIN https://youtu.be/VM41A2VB4dM All over Again The Mavericks
ALL SHOCK UP  https://youtu.be/mbBB4vn88Mc All Shook Up Elvis Presley
ALL SUMMER LONG  26/04 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpOjAQRHuxI All Summer Long Kid Rock
ALL THAT RAIN   https://youtu.be/x31nv5WQ75o Who’ll Stop The Rain CCR
ALL YOU NEED  https://youtu.be/gpTw83Ag38U All you Really Need Is Love Brad Paisley
ALLIGATOR ROCK  https://youtu.be/ZQCmXpGcO3c See You Later Alligator Johnny Earle
AMAME  int https://youtu.be/SZnolocq4y8 « Amame » de Belle Perez
AMAZING FAITH https://youtu.be/P4lor9y4oRU Amazed Lonestar
AMAZING GRACE https://youtu.be/q6N-INHPr_E Amazing Grace The Maverick Choir
AMERICAIN KIDS https://youtu.be/aorbIxKLK3k American Kids Kenny Chesney
AMERICAN PROMENADE  https://youtu.be/IrlZun9KTfE Oh Suzanna Rednex
AN ABSOLUTE DREAM https://youtu.be/HrRKdXb0vRA Land Of Dreams Rosanne Cash
AN IRISH WALTZ https://youtu.be/HpUZrtZlWsM Beautiful meath Mary Duff
AND GET IT ON  https://youtu.be/ll0BvWUAqBA Charlie Puth Marvin Gaye ft. Meghan Trainor
ANDALOUSE https://youtu.be/LBtmTqkH0lM Andalouse Kendji
ANGEL IN BLUE JEANS   https://youtu.be/Gc6RRFT0tZg Angel in blue jeans Train
ANGELINA https://youtu.be/p_Hau2F0kmU Angelina Michael English
ANOTHER COUNTRY https://youtu.be/Y1Od5BMhgrA Another country Rod Stewart
ANTHEM https://youtu.be/UzgRSHW5Cc8 Anthem Brett Kissel
ANYTHING FOR LOVE https://youtu.be/H0aPq9j4kJY Anything 4 Love    Linda Kvam
APPELJACK COUNTRY   26/6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2Wl4t4-kAM In the country Alan Gregory
APPLE JACK    https://youtu.be/BJ8pa7G5T9I Apple Jack Lisa McHugh
AS SHE WALKING AWAY-D https://youtu.be/W0ZHrdV2OSQ Zac brow band Idem
ASKIN QUESTION https://youtu.be/WVnxfTZ9B3Y Askin’ question Brady Seals
B.C.C . ou BIG BEN COUNTRY https://youtu.be/wSnN478oX58
You never now Alan Jackson
Baby I’M BURNING https://youtu.be/AQ09BeTK0xQ Baby I’m Burning Dolly Parton
BABY KISSES https://youtu.be/PcH1vDAQ3QE My Baby’ Kiss The Jenkins
BABY RIDE EASY https://youtu.be/N8INA9-wDFE Baby Ride Easy Carlene Carter
BACK TO FUN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVIirX3qZZM Fun Having Fun Zac Brown Band
BACK TO LOUISIANA   28/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVl6ZCpENL4 Back To Louisiana Delbert
BACK TO THE START-D https://youtu.be/pZhdcwLxouM « Back To The Start » de Michael Schulte
BAD HABITS https://youtu.be/YQjZWoMym8M Bad Habits » de Ed Sheeran
BAD MOON IN THE RISE https://youtu.be/O8wbsmvsv5A Bad moon rising Creedence Clearwater Revival
BADONKADONK   17/5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoDP1EAPZvs Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Trace Adkins
BALAIR https://youtu.be/MZpcrSe7JgM Balair Deorro Feat. Elwis Crespo
BANDIDO’S LAST RIDE https://youtu.be/0ZvN7RmNKcQ Bandido’s Last Ride Dave Sheriff
BANDIDO'S LAST Ride   https://youtu.be/KJR6l-nmI30 Bandido’s Last Ride Dave Sheriff
BARBADOS CAROL https://youtu.be/ouECEXH2MNA Oh Carol Barbados
BARE ESSENTIALS https://youtu.be/LqsWZ7yGB7o Bare essentials Lee Kernaghan
BARN DANCE https://youtu.be/WSQclxResJc Barndance Alexander Rybak
BE STRONG https://youtu.be/amVCJ71UZ7U The Words I Lovz You Chris De Burgh
BEAUTIFUL BODY https://youtu.be/u0uA69wZRWs If i said you have a beautiful body Bellamy Brothers
BECAUSE OF YOU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ujvr74tipk Olivia Rick Trevino
BEER FOR MY HORSES https://youtu.be/qRXtxsieMnI Berr For MY Horese Toby Keith
BEETWEEN YOUR HEART AND MINE 26/8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkCGUx6SSKo Somewhere Between You Heart Grant & Forsyth
BEFORE https://youtu.be/wH0SvU07uCI Mr Rock’n & Roll Georgie
Joe le Taxi
Amy Mc Donald Pussycat
Johnny Halliday Vanessa Paradis
BELFAST POLKA https://youtu.be/rZbq7YJlnQc The Belfast Polka/ Pennsylania Celtic Thunder
BEST PART OF THE DAY https://youtu.be/ahniznssd3s The best Part Of The Day Is The night The Outlaws
BETHLEHEM CHILD https://youtu.be/VJ1hse9hCjU Children, Go Where I Send Thee Kenny Rogers ft
BETTER TIMES  https://youtu.be/nLRcWDiV35U Better Times A Comin Derk Ryan
BIG BLUE TREE https://youtu.be/ZQ8kpQmJcds Big Blue Tree Michael English
BIG CITY SUMMERTIME https://youtu.be/9qCYBpT5y68 Summertime Big City Brian Wright
BIG DAWG   23/9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YNk0Pesq_U Big Dog Daddy Toby Keith
BIG JERSEY GIANT int https://youtu.be/MbW7OgR99OI Jersey Giant » de Elle King
BIG LOVE 24/2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XHz-tZyh60 The big One George Strait
BIG TIME OPERATOR https://youtu.be/oy9RMCdpRC4 Big Time Operator Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
BILL HIC HOC  https://youtu.be/xyoXUbKsY3k Bill Hic Hot Deep Canyon
BILLY'S DANCE (PT) 28/…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GFQz4td6qI San Francusco Olsen Brothers
BING BAM BOUM /I https://youtu.be/miQS5pIxEUI Bing Bang Boom de Autoroute 101
BLACK COFFEE deb https://youtu.be/Q7Si8xx2w1M « Black Coffee »
« Monday My Amor »
Lucy J. Dalton
de Soluna
BLACK HORSE   https://youtu.be/7OKYUydg1g0 Black Horse & The Cherry Tree KT Turnstall
BLANKET IN THE GROUND https://youtu.be/_8BhTqQ6TVY Blanket in the ground Billie Jo spears
BLOWN AWAY https://youtu.be/tSG1k5auaeM Blown Away Carrie Underwwod
BLUE AIN'T  YOUR COLOR https://youtu.be/CyCnv1gqc0I Blue Ain’t Your Color Keith Urban
BLUE BAYOU - details https://youtu.be/YtzqWGG0gUE Blue Bayou Dreams Robi Kahakalau
BLUE BAYOU - musique  https://youtu.be/OLjW0LY95pc Blue Bayou Dreams Robi Kahakalau
BLUE BLUE DAY https://youtu.be/vyeixkwiNv0 Blue Blue Day Anne Murray
BLUE NIGHT CHA  https://youtu.be/Th2rLpATSkY Blue Night Michael Learns
BLUE NOTE 24/03 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcMqnZFF7tU Big Blue Note Toby Keith
BLUE ROSE    https://youtu.be/nq8qaUSQTkc Blue Rose Is Pam Tillis
BLUE TRAIN https://youtu.be/S4KKjOh58Kg Blue Train John D. Loudermilk
BLUE VW https://youtu.be/6nscsuoZHXs Little Blue Volkswagen Dean Brody & Sarah Blackwood
BONAPARTE RETREAT https://youtu.be/4WFWgq75aYg Bonaparte’s Retreat Glen Campell
BOND TA GIT DOWN https://youtu.be/9dsZXGnkI-I Bound Ta Git Shooter Jennings
BONFIRE HEART https://youtu.be/XTyHasBAgqU Bonfire Heart James Blunt
BONSOIR MADAME https://youtu.be/usqp7xGb0Q8 Bonsoir Madame Big Fat Snake
BOOGIE WOOGIE BABY JILL https://youtu.be/lxgCbfiTx4Y Boogie Woogie Baby The Lennerockers
BOOT SCOOTIN’ BOOGIE 6/9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBc2j1Tb7bo Boot Scootin’ Boogie Brooks & Dunns
BOOZE CRUISE https://youtu.be/dtQEYwRtsgY The Booze Cruise Blackjack Billy
BOP THE B  https://youtu.be/CMVTuccXz4c Bop The Be Billy Swan
BOP THE B 29/13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-kEKG4O4DM Bop The Be Billy Swan
BORN TO BE BLUE https://youtu.be/lV4ibveFDB0 Born To Be Blue The Maverick
BOSSA NOVA https://youtu.be/Jw0H_vlVic4 Blame It On Bossa Nova Jane McDonald
BOSSA NOVA 19/3 https://youtu.be/Jw0H_vlVic4 Blame It On Bossa Nova Jane McDonald
BOTH SIDES NOW https://youtu.be/PECWwwZLRio Bath Sides Naw Carly Ray Jepsen
BOUNTY https://youtu.be/sr1s9lyy9PY Bounty Dean Brody
BOX IT UP 30/4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EVUFM18o1k Box Of Secrets Zarif
BOY OF SUMMER https://youtu.be/_yWWYjgNSwo idem Nathan Carter
BOYS WILL BE BOYS https://youtu.be/XSwQGXBdMGA Boys Will Be Boys Paulina Rubio
BREAK MY HEART https://youtu.be/xS6xVTEtz44 Go Ahead And Break My Heart Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani
BREATHE INTO YOU https://youtu.be/bV5Pa3IDZPI Breathe Jax Jones Feat. Ina Wroldsen
BRING DOWN THE HOUSE-2017 https://youtu.be/UrqSECae0H0 Bring Down The House Dean Brody
BRING ON THE GOOD TIMES https://youtu.be/b8-VIcOCLxA Bring On The Good Times Lisa McHugh
BROKENHEARTVILLE27/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waUMskQHbcQ Brokenheartville Joe Nichols
BROWN EYES GIRL https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ag4Fp0WEVglDrBll
Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison
BRUISES https://youtu.be/mCxQCwDmO5Y Bruises Train Feat.Ashley Monroe
BUBBLE GOM COW BOY  https://youtu.be/jSspWNOCKpQ Bubble Gum Cowboy de Loco Loco
BUFFALO https://youtu.be/-hrzYdBETcc Buffalo Pat Cahalan
BULLFOG ON A LOG https://youtu.be/Wygg38zX6S4 Gotta Feeling Tim Hicks & Blackjack Billy
BURNING LOVE https://youtu.be/jrU9cLiMSZw Burning Love Travis Tritt
BURNING LOVE   19/3&9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgXOnLPmtd0 Burning Love Travis Tritt
BWOM https://youtu.be/J8C9zFtNuM4 You Look So Beautiful Bouke
C’EST LA VIE https://youtu.be/KYvmFRJgTwU C’est la vie Chely Wright
C’EST LA VIE 24/08 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-leWw-zfar8 You never can tell Scooter
CABOS SAN LUCAS   https://youtu.be/Aaj8a8HdKx8 Cabo San Lucas Toby Keith
CABOS SAN LUCAS   https://youtu.be/aUyce85ZI0M Cabo San Lucas Toby Keith
CADILLACS AND CAVIAR https://youtu.be/pM4vyEfVdGo Different Kind Of Fine Zac Brown Band
CALIENTE https://youtu.be/z62yk7oYR0o Riders In The Sky Riverside
CALIENTE   https://youtu.be/fw3u1Rm84jw Riders In The Sky Riverside
CALIENTE – PT-D https://youtu.be/XCwKV4E3i5U  « Riders In The Sky» de Riverside
CALIENTE PARTNER https://youtu.be/XCwKV4E3i5U « Riders In The Sky» de Riverside
CALIFORNIA BLUE https://youtu.be/WN2Ig6kHAf8 California Blue Roy Orbisson
CALYPSO MEXICO https://youtu.be/HoDzC_eX9IE Calypso Mexico Bouke
CANADIAN STOMP          https://youtu.be/tRcYhGRrgzE Any Man Of Mine Shania Twain
CANADIAN STOMP      https://youtu.be/JUu3wAmXddA Any Man Of Mine Shania Twain
CASANOVA COW BOY https://youtu.be/fcf-vlOxSyI Cowboy Casanova Carrie Underwood
CASTEL ON THE HILL (ML) https://youtu.be/cOHvufQgO-k CASTEL ON THE HILL Ed Sheraan
CATCH AND RELEASE https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ag4Fp0WEVglDpX_
Atch & Release Matt Simons
CELTIC CT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuodRjBzHPU Rokjes K3
CELTIC DUO https://youtu.be/w6dpo4yZbbw Duo Celtic Anton Sully
CHAMPAGNE PROMISE https://youtu.be/HVBpKfwuciU Champagne promise David Nail
CHANGED BACK https://youtu.be/3fZi4vTUEss Got my name changed back Pistol Annies
CHASING DOWN A GOOD TIME https://youtu.be/jhIKgTqmW9s Chasing down a good Randy houser
CHATTAHOOCHEE -2017- https://youtu.be/a6LxflMN hxA https://youtu.be/TgTQwzREkLk Chattahoochee 2017 Alan Jackson
CHEAPS TRILLS https://youtu.be/w2EYxLr9KoE Cheap thrills Sia
CHEESEBURGER   https://youtu.be/_k0Y2iCxeIc Everybody y gonfi'gon Cow boys
CHEESEBURGER https://youtu.be/GyjaaqcKUxc Cheeseburger Cotton Eye Joe
CHEROKEE BOOGIE https://youtuMe.be/JDtFaUK3DQU Menphis roots Norman grifford
CHERRIO https://youtu.be/reMmqwv6Xm0 Cheerleader Omi
CHEYENNE  AVEC JC https://youtu.be/5HP9ifieVds If i said you had a beautiful body The Bellamy Brothers
CHICCA BOOM BOOM      https://youtu.be/xeqtUtDlbWA Boom boom goes my haert Alex swings oscar sing
CHICKEN REEL https://youtu.be/Klh7WMpx9Pc Oh suzanna Rednex
CHILL FACTOR https://youtu.be/SnxpCGCQJaY Last night Chris Anderson
CHILL FACTOR 7/3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohEaiyLv4BQ Last night Chris Anderson
CINDY   https://youtu.be/zqxxOsphDcs Cindy Ricky Nelson
CITY OF MUSIC /I https://youtu.be/5U97CA_D0Nw City Of Music    Brad Pasley
CITY OF MUSIC-I https://youtu.be/5U97CA_D0Nw Brad Paisley Idem
CITY OF NEW ORLEANS 25/3  https://youtu.be/_XKTMP9i_bY City of new orléans Roch Voisine
CLAP HAPPY https://youtu.be/58kVF8tLDHg Clap happy Pharrel williams
CLAP YOUR HANDS & STAMP YOUR FEET https://youtu.be/zsP_v3eSZqg Clap your hands& Stamp your feet Die campbells
CLEAR ISABEL https://youtu.be/J9XLncHVDYQ
 « Clear Isabel de Aaron Watson  - Vaquero
CLICKETY CLAC  6/8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbxURhsKxo4 Southbound train Travis Tritt
CLICKETY CLACK https://youtu.be/K_h6HsLkuUI Southbound train Travis Tritt
CLOSER https://youtu.be/TKQJpPHFA1U Closer Susan Ashton
CLOSER  https://youtu.be/7eEYxTAafMc Closer Susan Ashton
COASTIN  https://youtu.be/A3XF3pjAtuY Lord of the dance Mikeflatley
COASTIN’   2/15 ET 4/1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZVVdZhwFGQ Cry of the celts Roman hardiman
COCKADOODLE 29/7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV9-T2bWEOk She rules the roost Leland martin
CODIGO https://youtu.be/frkqBpkZnlE CODIGO George Strait
COFFEE DAYS ANS WISKEY NIGHT/D https://youtu.be/26tAN6vR_TQ Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights de Robynn Shayne
COLD HEART SWEAT https://youtu.be/yyTNEf4h7YU IN THIS TOWN Declan mc garr
COLT HEART https://youtu.be/pzZkOYgJuFg Cold Heart  ( Remix)    Elton John & Dua Lipa
COME BACK MY LOVE /D https://youtu.be/OcK4Oc2kaWk  Come Back My Love    The Overtones
COME BACK MY LOVE 27/4 & 26/18 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuZLfH0SHys Come Back My Love The Overstones
COME BACK MY LOVE-D https://youtu.be/OcK4Oc2kaWk The Overtones Idem
COME ON DOWN https://youtu.be/MaElG1iAFBU Come on down High valley
COMMITMENT     https://youtu.be/L26eTj0sdlw Commitment Leann rimes
CONTINENTAL POLKA  https://youtu.be/i-uTfzHlUXk Who the hell is alice Scooter Lee
COOL CHIC https://youtu.be/mTHJIHsB0no Please Mama please Go Cat Go
COOL CHIC 30/11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-f-3n9cHv0 Cool Again Kane Brown
COOL WOMAN https://youtu.be/bDvHk8WIBJ8 A Long Cool Woman In A black Dress Raul Malo
COOLER ONLINE 22/3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3pncAMnw3s Online Brad Paisley
COPPERHEAD ROAD https://youtu.be/QeLEjapaTqc Copperhead Road Steve Earle
COPPERHEAD ROAD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRfIdWmKdfE Copperhead Road Steve Earle
CORAZON DIAMANTE  https://youtu.be/TkAK_IxFCV4 Duele El Corazon Enrique Iglesias
CORN https://youtu.be/wlienQM7R1o « Corn » Blake Shelton
CORN DON’T GROW-2017 https://youtu.be/xGWrxK2xfrU Where Corn Don't Grow Travis Tritt
COTTON PICKIN MORNING https://youtu.be/eG9wLHdfaXA Every Cotton Picking Morning Blake Shelton
COTTON PICKING MORNING   16/7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1GpSCwvknY Every Cotton Picking Morning Blake Shelton
COULD’VE BEEN THE WISKEY https://youtu.be/2t6nRs1gsAo Wasn't That A Party Mike Denver
COUNTRY AS A BOY CAN BE https://youtu.be/YoCdErzCTe4?list=FLYpHuqr46qDtRWXMZxqJpDg Country As A Boy Can Be Brady Seals
COUNTRY AS CAN BE (deb) https://youtu.be/sgUI2FEPR74 Country As A Boy Can Be »The Brady Seals
COUNTRY BOY JACKSON https://youtu.be/KDFK6mq-X0A Country Boy Alan Jackson
COUNTRY GIRL SHAKE https://youtu.be/fPKNpVkiyV0 Country Girl Shake It For Luke Bryan
COUNTRY NIGHT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwYPJJKyquk Stay The Night Sean Fahy
COUNTRY ROAD /I https://youtu.be/HOqw1snJIIs Take Me Home, Country Road The Hermes House Band
COUNTRY ROADS 7/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47YJochWUv0 Take Me Home, Country Road The Hermes House Band
COUNTRY WALKING  https://youtu.be/8irUjMN98ew Must' ve Had A Ball Alan Jackson
COUPE DE VILLE  28/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOdxzm0N1KA Coupe De Ville The Lennerockers
COW BOY BOOGIE https://youtu.be/8Z5kWUlG8dc Arriba Abajo Coyotte Dax
COW BOY CHARLESTON https://youtu.be/FtCzrMuPJPs Sold John Michael Montgomery
COW BOY DON’T CRY int https://youtu.be/SLwzY5tobmM If I Was A Cowboy » de Stephanie Quayle
COW BOY MAN 25/16 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjXZvxmsnDI Cow Boy Man Lyle Lovelt
COW BOY RHYTHM  sur DON’T BE CRUEL https://youtu.be/mNHtz33CnUo
« Don’t Be Cruel » d’Elvis Presley
COW BOY UP https://youtu.be/HkeRyGMDm0E BURY THE SHOVEL Clay Walter
COW BOY UP int https://youtu.be/_hfffUsbfk4  She’s Country »
« Bury The Shovel » -
« Life In The Fast Lane
« The Cowboy Way » -
« Any Man of Mine »
de Jason Aldean - 
de Clay Walker –
de The Eagles
 Travis Tritt
de Shania Twain
COW BOY YODDLE SONG https://youtu.be/q33bt5dZOio COWBOY YODDLE SONG Kikki Danielsson
COW GIRL https://youtu.be/KLXAbqRrEy4 I Wanna Be A Farmer Sunny Cowgirls
COWBOYS ON THE RUN 27/9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nst_GhfCoD0 Niu Zai Hen Mang Jay Chou
COWGIRL'S TWIST  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzWGuRya5xk Honky Tong Twist Scooter Lee
CRASH AND BURN https://youtu.be/wXlysjbgOhQ Crash And Burn Thomas Rhett
CRASY SONG-N https://youtu.be/g8S7FaN4NX4  What A Song Can Do de Lady A –
CRAZY FOOT MAMBO 24/09 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3p5brsmcV0 If You Wanna Be Happy Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels
CRAZY SONG https://youtu.be/g8S7FaN4NX4  What A Song Can Do » de Lady A
CREEPLE CREEK  https://youtu.be/HXqzSDnCtOU Creeple Creek Jim Rast & Knee Deep
CUCARACHA-D https://youtu.be/ApPWkxzrPXA The maverick All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
CUCCI CUCCI MAN 27/11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWUNFSM0imA La Dolce Vita After Dark
CUMBIA https://youtu.be/HR11QjSyW7w De Los Ojos Negros Sparx
CUT A RUG  https://youtu.be/2gBBQSP13to Roll Back The Rug Scooter Lee

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