Les "LONESTAR" dancers 
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15/01/  Black coffee    Vengabus suffle     GIDDY ON UP 
22/01 Continental Polka   Rising of the moon        J'ai du Boogie  
29/01 revision revision DRIVEN    
5/02 Imelda's Way  WalKing Away   LOslappie  
12/02 Hooked On country  Summer Fly   Revision la luna  
creeple creek 
19/02/ FREIGHT TRAIN   A you tube BABY RIDE EASY Wagon Weel rock 
26/02 Lindi suffle    freight train 
05/03   Coasting   Jalhouse créole  Cindy  
09-03 fête de CARNAVAL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
12/3 Cabos san lucas  Avec JC     avec thierry musique  Bandido's   
19/3 VOODOO JIVE 36 T  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> VOODOO JIVE 64 T 
26/3 Something in the water   Wave on Wave  TIMBER 
2/4 Rose Garden    Better Times  All Shock up 
9/4 MEMPHIS   All Shock Up  GAMBIN MAN     
16/4 Live Laught Love   Southerm delight    Get Your Feet Down  
23/4 Dont The Corner avec JC   Quendo When Quando  avec JC   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
30/4 Américan promenade    LONG TIME GONE 
7/5 caliente   Singsing in the song  avec JC details                                          avec Thierry Musique  Whole Again  
14/5  Bleue train  Sweet Sweet Smile     Where The Wind Blows  
21/5 GOOD time  Grange Hall dance       TELESCOPE  
28/5 REVISION >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
4/06 Sixteen Step   ALLIGATOR ROCK  sweet little dangerous  
11/06 IRISH STEW A you tube  A you tube Dog River Blues A you tube You must Be Joking (partner) A you tube
17/06 Speak To The Sky  A you tube   Avec JC A you tube ------------------ Fly High  A you tube
25/06 soirée fin de saison 2013-2014 >>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
2/07  Luisiana Strut  Voir mail   
9/07    Cheeseburger  A you tube ZJOZZYS Funk  A you tube
16/07 revision>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
23/07   Island in The Stream A you tube  Hé Drinck tequila A you tube
30/07   Tancks A lot A you tube  
6/08   Never Eding Love A you tube New_York_2_LA  A you tube
Blue Night Cha A you tube
TORNADO A you tube
20/08   All That Rain  A you tube  
27/08 Conge>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
10/09 Rentrée 2014/2015 
Lindi suffle A you tube
porthmous balladeA you tube
Country Walking A you tube
On the road again A you tube You Got Away A you tube
17/09 Rentrée 2014/2015
Will The Circle Be Unbroken A you tube
Something In The Water A you tube
Perfectly In The Sweet Spot   A you tube Tears On A Highway A you tube  
24/09  revision     The boat to liverpool  A you tube  
1/10/2014 Tancks A Lot A you tube Heartache A you tube My Greek A you tube
8/10/2014 Chicca boom boom A you tube  + A you tube Good time girl A you tube Commitment A you tube
15-10-2014 Single Walz  A you tube 22 A you tube
before A you tube
Angel In Blue jeans  A you tube
22-10-2014 Cut a Rug A you tube Living of liverpool A you tube  
29-10-2014 a dream for live   A you tube jacket joe  A you tube blak horse  A you tube
5/11/2014 18 h . the flute A you tube
before   A you tube
canadiam stomp A you tube   
  appel jack  A you tube  Dream Lover A you tube  +   A you tube
12/11/2014 jambalaya  A you tube Sugar in paï   A you tube
19/11/2014 18 h . Chill Factor     A you tube
Rose gardenA you tube
God BLESSES texas A you tube Sweet Surender  A you tube
26/11/2014 Red ot Salsa A you tube   Side By Side A you tube
3/12/2014 18 h . Doctor Doctor A you tube
Dancing in The Dark A you tube
My Maria A you tube DECK 51 A you tube
17/12/2014 Black coffée  A you tube 18 h feel right A you tube
My Dog And Puppies A you tube
LETI A you tube
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